Using a backboard for practice

Do you have access to a backboard but aren't quite sure what to do with it? Backboards are available at many clubs and even public tennis facilities. Using one is a great opportunity to get some extra practice in at a moment's notice - no need to make any plans, find a partner, or anything. Here are some fun activities you can do to improve your game with a backboard.

13 different drills to improve your game.

1, Forehand Volley

2, Backhand Volley

3, Alternate between Forehand & Backhand Volleys

4, Bump Forehand Volley

5, Bump Backhand Volley

6, Forehand 1/2 Volley

7, Backhand 1/2 volley

8, Forehand Ground Strokes

9, Backhand Ground Strokes

10, Forehand Slice

11, Backhand Slice

12, Self feed & close for a Forehand Volley

13, Serve & one Ground Stroke

Just get out and play!

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